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The Adventurer – Sarah Williams

Ep 6 Sarah WIlliams

We are revisiting the Explorer Archetype I call The Adventurer, and this time a very much alive one! Sarah Williams have done extraordinary challenges like Marathon des Sables where you do 6 marathons over 6 days in the Morrocan desert. She has also hiked thru the Appalachian Trail in the US, which is 3540 kilometers in 100 days.

Sarah Williams - BEACH photo


This is a story about creating more opportunities and possibilities for yourself.  Sarah Williams started out in a very traditional career in the banking sector in the center of London, until she realized this was not the life she wanted.

In this episode we talk about

We won’t talk specifically about Sarah Williams adventures, for that please visit her site There you’ll also find her podcast with many more inspiring stories about women who live more adventurous than most of us.


There’s another episode about the explorer archetype The Adventurer and if you haven’t listened to that one yet please do so. It’s about the Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl who became world famous when he sailed on a small balsa raft, called Kon Tiki, from Peru to the Polyneesian islands.


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Lastly don’t forget to always be curious and never stop exploring!

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