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The Voyager -Jill Heinerth

This episode is about the explorer archetype The Voyager.

The Voyager is very much like an adventurer in the way they challenge themselves physically. But the adventurer often sets out alone to test his or her limits and this is where the two differs. 

The kinds of challenges a voyager take on are more like missions or bigger projects like finding new continents or landing on the moon. They travel to explore hostile environments and must bring with them everything needed for survival. 

And in this sense a diver is a voyager.


We meet Jill Heinerth, an experienced cave diver and Explorer in Residence for the Royal Canadian National Geographics society. When she was a little girl she dreamed of being an explorer and today she is!

We talked about what it is she explores under the surface, taking big risks, how she works with scientists as a diver, the environmental changes she see in the arctic areas and how important water is for all of us.

There is also a bonus episode where Jill Heinerth gives advice on how to do what she has done when it comes to diving but also creating a unconventional career. Sign up for the podcast’s newsletter to get your hands on it! 

I recommend that you listen to the full episode before the bonus.


Jill Heinerth’s website:
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